Saturday, August 29, 2009

Testing Limits

This has been happening far too often lately:

Step 1: Check to see that Momma is watching.

Step 2: Wind up a very theatrical/pitiful fit.

Step3: Continue throwing the fit whilst going about your business.

Step 4: Get over the fit when you realize no one is paying attention OR when the cat distracts you for a second.

Step 5: Resume the fit at a later time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

14 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,

You are 14 months old today!! You've learned and done so much this month, some that I've already mentioned in previous posts that I'll reiterate, and some that I haven't mentioned.

I'll start with the heavy:

* First of all, and I hesitate to write this because it's sort of a downer, but important nonetheless, you had a terrible allergic reaction to peanut butter, we think. Dad and I were running errands - getting the car fixed, waiting for the car to be fixed, picking up the fixed car - and we took you to the mall in between so that we wouldn't have to drive all the way home and back. We shared ice cream and watched the ice skaters. You ran around the viewing area and made friends. We had time to play at the children's area before we left, where you ran up to a huge plastic cat and said, "Casey!" We thought we were genius parents, managing playtime and chores. You were having so much fun! All was well until the drive home. You got sick - really sick - in the car. I drove home as fast as I could, you screaming in your car seat the whole way. I managed to get you to the bathtub to get the sick off of you, and that's when I noticed the huge welts on your back and more forming on your stomach.

I've never been so afraid.

To make a long story short, we got you to an urgent care clinic where they were able to stop the reaction with an epinephrine shot. In an hour you were fine and wanted to play, like nothing had happened. We think some peanut butter in the ice cream was the culprit. I guess we'll find out another time.

And now for the light stuff:

* You love to pull pillows off of the couch and into the floor, and then dive on to them.Every time I'm worried that you'll miss, but so far the only time you've hurt yourself is when you launched yourself into the arm of the couch, probably because it looks nice and plush. It turns out it's a pretty solid surface.. But other than that, you giggle and squeal as you land on the pillows!

* You don't know what to do with cold stuff. Last month I mentioned your first push up pop. Last night you had your first Popsicle. The picture says all you need to know.

* You love your new swing! Unfortunately August is SO HOT, which is why we can only swing for 2 minutes and then we have to come inside for lemonade. But you think it's way fun. You try and tuck your legs into the swing (forming a little ball) so it doesn't tickle your tummy as much. You're adorable.

* You had your first haircut, as I've mentioned. It was no problem. You are such a friendly kid that mostly you make others feel at ease. There's something divine about that..

* You've started to spontaneously lie down in the floor - in the hallway, in the kitchen, outside.. Location doesn't matter. I don't think it's an indication of nap time or anything. I think you just like to lie down for a sec. Maybe you're re-energizing? Because seriously, kid, you're busy ALL OF THE TIME.

Summer is almost over, Jack. That means next week, you'll be back at Nanny's. I'm relieved about that because I think you have so much fun there with your friends. Here it's just been the three of us, and we already get the impression that you think we are, "like so totally lame (eye roll)". I love you, baby boy!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Jack had his first haircut today! Our friend, Cat, who also has a one year old son named Jack (and who has cut her kids' hair a million times), was excited to be Jack's first stylist. She even reminded a bewildered Momma that I... ahem.. she should take a lock of his hair. I'd say the experience was a complete success. No one cried. Not one of us! See for yourselves:

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bad Momma

I can't help it. I laugh which, I'm sure, encourages every bit of rotten behavior that he can think to do, all at once. When I laugh, not only does he smear more food into his hair like it's mousse, he's also thinking that he should bite the next kid he meets on the street, take a toy from someone smaller, and clock the cat upside the head. But look at him. First notice, apart from the defiant facial expression, the hamburger in his hair:
The other bits of food he didn't want are behind his head in his collar. He drops food behind him, I assume, to get it out of his sight. Bad Baby! And then there's his dad's response:I have no chance. Then I get, along with the angelic "Momma, I'm so hungry" stare, the sign for more:

New Swing

-an entirely too long video of squealing and rocking and gorgeous, gorgeous laughter..

Monday, August 3, 2009

More bath pics because you love them.

We've been very busy. See the flickr for more!! :)