Friday, September 11, 2009

15 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,
Today I was talking to our school librarian, Mrs. Bean, about how adorable you are. I said, "Isn't Baby Jack so freakin' cute?" (I'm humble like that.)

She said, "He's adorable and not so much a baby anymore. He's Toddler Jack by now. How old is he? A year old?"

"What? No," I said, frantically trying to calculate whether or not you are a year old. "I mean he's almost 15 months old."
And that's the problem. In my head 15 month does not equate to one year old and counting. I still very much consider you my baby. I think this is a common problem for mothers, whether their sons are 15 months old or 33 years. But yes. You are 15 months old today and you are adorable and hilarious!

Here are some things that have happened this month:
1. You stand in bowls. I know. It's weird. But that's what you do. I pretend that you're doing performance art as you carefully lift your leg over the lip of the bowl, gently place it in, then carefully do the same with the other. You stand there, in the bowl, for two to five seconds and then very gently step out again. I clap. Because, seriously. What else is there to do?
2. You used to throw horrible crying fits when you didn't get your way. Now you just scruntch up your brow, lean your head back, open your mouth and slowly fuss, "a' hat, a'hat, a'haaaaaat." It's the most pitiful thing I've ever seen. And also hilarious. My laughter makes it worse. I try not to laugh, but COME ON!
3. I'm trying not to be offended by the fact that you point at Casey cat and say "Ca-sss" - your way of saying "Casey." Then you turn to me and hit me while you say "Momma!" and then you pat Dad and say, "Momma" and then you point at the couch and say "Momma" and then at the weird alien things on Yo Gabba Gabba and say "Momma." But Casey is always Ca-sss. Dad says we should ignore you, put our butts in your face, and walk across you to get to our food. That way you might learn who we are. I'll take the more patient approach of pointing at myself and saying "Momma" over and over again. (sigh)

4. You love bike rides!! A while back Dad got me a kid's bike seat for Mother's Day. We finally installed it on his bike, and now the family can go one bike rides! You wear your Sesame Street helmet (which you are not fond of, but I insist that it must be worn) and we ride to the park where we stop and play. Then it's back on the bike to head for home.

5. All of a sudden you hate the bath. Remember all of those bath pictures where you are all smiles and giggles and splashing and playing? Those days are gone. It was sudden. One day you decided that you hate the bath and you SCREAM. I can't even get you to sit in the water. Sometimes you get so worked up that you break out into hives. For the life of me, I don't know why the sudden change. Dad and I are doing everything we know how to do to keep you calm. We both go in the bathroom with you. We try distraction/entertainment/ music/ANYTHING. I've gotten in with you. I hug you through the baths sometimes. Still, nothing works. The best we can hope for is that we move quickly enough that you don't go into hysterics. :(

6. I wasn't going to mention this, but Aunt Chrif-teen says I HAVE to just so that you'll be embarrassed when you're a teenager. You do panty raids... on my underwear drawer. It's a good thing I'm not modest because you get into my panty drawer, pull as many pairs out as you can, and then strategically place them around the house - in other drawers (the silverware one, included), in the trash cans, in toy baskets, etc. You do not do this with Dad's underwear or socks. Just mine. Dad says you're gifted.

Overall, you are a healthy, happy baby! Er. healthy, happy toddler. It has been 15 months since you got here and I am still so proud to be your Momma. I love you Jack B'Hat!!