Saturday, September 11, 2010

27 Months

Hi Jack B'Hat!
You are so happy! Seriously! Ever since we switched babysitters, you've been over-the-moon happy! Everyday you go to Ms Laura's you run to her and squeal her name. When I buckle you into the car on the way home from her house you look at me with big, concerned eyes and ask, "Lawa? Lawa?" I'm pretty sure there is lots of dancing at her house which is your favorite activity, but also she has two little girls who dote on you - they pick you up, hug you, kiss you, and pet you. You LOVE them. Also, you get to sleep on your nap mat which, coincidentally, is your new favorite word. You walk around the house saying, "Nap mat? Nap mat? Nap! Mat! Animals!!"
Needless to say, I am thrilled with our new arrangement. It is so much nicer to be around a happy boy rather than a sulky, fit throwing one. I'm sad to question the idea that perhaps it's because you disliked your other sitter and that I made you go there anyway. But then, the weather is cooling, you know more words, we're back on schedule, and things generally seem to be looking up. Maybe you're through another phase.

Here are some tidbits about you this month:
1. You like the word, "Mud" - Mud i' duwt n wadder. Twactor inna duwt. Mud. - Translated as "Mud is dirt and water. Tractors are in the dirt. Mud."

2. You love to read. We have a new coffee table book , courtesy of your Aunt Renee, about the Cotswolds in England - little cottagey towns with gorgeous church steeples, pastoral fields of sheep, and sleepy kittens sitting on stone walls. You adore this book. You point at each page and ask, "What's that?" And I say, "sheep" or "church" or "flowers" or whatever it is. You concentrate really hard and respond, "Oh. Yes." And then I question you.

3. We've gotten into the good habit of reading before bed. The bad habit is I let you take your books to bed with you. Dada does not. When Dada was working late the other night, I tucked you in with the aforementioned Cotswold book and I turned on a nightlight so you could see. For an hour I could hear you turning pages and quizzing yourself, "Oh. Yes. That a road. Cow, Moooo. Church." What's the harm?

4. You really enjoyed playing with your cousins, Duncan and Bobby last week end. You called Bobby "Body" followed by something that sounded like "the wonder duck." We had a great time and it was fun watching you interact with the bigger boys, and of course with your Mamaw and Aunt Renee and Uncle Gerry.
5. Favorite show - Dora

6. Favorite book - Oakey

7. Favorite food - (nothing) Please eat, baby! You make me nervous!

8. Favorite possession - Nap! (your beloved blankie)
You're a happy, healthy kiddo, Jack! I love you so much and am glad to be your Momma!!!