Monday, October 11, 2010

28 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,
Hi! I miss you. I suppose this is a milestone in that it is the first time that you are on vacation without Mama and Dada. You're in Amarillo (and have been for almost a whole week) visiting your Grammy and Grand Schmob and all of your thousands of cousins and people who love you. In a way I'm very jealous, but also Dada and I are going on a vacation too. The house has seemed too quiet without Dora and Diego in the background, your percussion practice, and the lovely, continual chattering you do. But I do know that you are happy and having a great time thanks to your grandparents. And I can witness it for myself thanks to Skype!!!
In the mean time, here are some noteworthy happenings this month:

1. You went on your first field trip with Ms. Laura!! She took you, along with two other kids, to a farm in Burleson where you got to play in hay, see animals, and pick out your very own Jack-sized pumpkin. You had a great time! For me, it is a reminder of what a big boy you're becoming!!

2. We taught you how to "Eskimo kiss" where we rub noses. I don't think you've quite figured out that you are supposed to actually touch, though. You mostly just wiggle your head back and fourth with your nose in the air. That's worked out well since that's about as close as a Momma and her boy can get on Skype. Did I mention that I miss you??
3. Your language skills are incredible. It shouldn't come as that big of a shock since language acquisition is the milestone that is agreed upon in all of the parenting books. Still, it's fascinating to watch you learn language! I can't even keep up with all of the words that you're learning, words like: mailbox, ambulance, ice cream truck (the vehicle you confuse with an ambulance), and no way! You speak in complete sentences sometimes which sounds really nuts coming from our sweet baby.. ahem.. big boy.

4. Speaking of "no way!",you say this. Often. Especially when you emphatically don't want to do something. I haven't taught you that sometimes being concise is best. A simple, firm "no", for example, would probably be more effective than a "no way!" which actually is cute and endearing, probably the opposite effect of what you're going for.
5. You're afraid of the potty. Damn. I mean, you're interested in it, as long as you aren't the one having to use it. Anytime we ask you if you want to sit on the potty, you say, "Sure!" The non-negotiable part of that "sure" is that you meant you wanted only to look at the potty, and if forced to sit upon it, you would very much like to leave your diaper on and your pants fastened at the waist. If Dada or I try to actually sit you on the potty properly, all hell breaks loose - screaming and gnashing of teeth, darkness descending onto the planet, monsters devouring babies, etc.. You get the picture, and it's not pleasant. What are we going to do?

6. You're the most wonderful kid on the planet. All of your grandparents marvel at how pleasant and happy you are - that you don't mind taking naps and wake-up happy in the mornings. They are curious as to how you - our phenomenal boy - could possibly be part of our brood. But Dada and I know the answer. It's because you are all the best parts of both of us combined, and by some miracle your genetic code didn't pick up our vastly annoying character flaws.

We love you, Jack. I can't wait to see you soon.