Sunday, December 12, 2010

30 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,

I missed your monthly post day due to work, but it is only a day late. Maybe it will give you some consolation to know that I received this message in my email today:

We're totally ready for Christmas! The house is decorated to the point that your Aunt Gagi would be proud! The tree is gorgeous; the mantel looks like a wintry wonderland; there are little pockets of Christmas cheer all over the house, including a fiber optic snowman in your room and tiny spruce bouquets in all of the bathrooms. We even bought Christmas cacti from the AHS FFA and they are in bloom! Jack, you inspired and helped with all of it!! We even made Christmas cookies and hot cocoa on the day we hung the lights outside!!

Needless to say, your Dada and I are so looking forward to Christmas this year, especially now that you are more aware of the holiday. You remind us of the magic and wonder Christmas brings. :) Happy 30th month, baby!!

I'm proud to be your Momma!