Friday, December 11, 2009

A Year and a Half!!!

Dear Jack B’Hat,
What in the world happened? Time has gone by so incredibly fast that all of a sudden you’re a year and a half old! You had your well baby doctor visit today and the nurse asked, “Can he say at least three words?” When I hear that I was all, “Pshaw! He can say like 30!” which pretty puts you at genius caliber, I’m certain.
They also asked if you stack things. Dad responded with, “Yeah. He’s a stacking sonofabitch!” I was nodding in agreement when I realized what the implications of that statement actually meant.. And honestly, that is how your dad reenacts the scenario. Really, he responded with, “Yes. He stacks quite well, thank you.”
Anyway, here are some things that happened this month:

1. You play the piano! Sort of. You touch the keys, but we think you’re a natural since you actually press the keys instead of pounding them like you do the drum..or your stuffed animals,or balls, or pretty much everything else you touch. And you look adorable at the piano! Might we have a maestro in the family? Only time will tell.

2. You’re still climbing, Yaya bought you a toddler sized chair for you to sit in because, partly, she saw pictures of you climbing onto the big people furniture – specifically from ottoman to table top – and that concerned her. So, the toddler chair is nice.. except that you climb into it sideways, face first, your feet flailing out the side. Once you’re in it, you stand up, hike one leg over the side, dangle for a moment before sliding back onto the floor. (Ahem) I do have to say that I’m glad you have this chair to much bananas and goldfish in, but other than that, I can’t say that it’s more “safe.”
3. New words I’ve heard you say this month include: ou-fy (outside), shos (shoes), shaws (socks), book, swing, show, and Nononononononoooo. Yeah. Love the last one.
4. You can beatbox. Seriously. This is an accomplishment I’m very proud of. When Biz Marquee comes on to do his spot on Yo Gabba Gabba, you turn around and start zerberting into your palm and dancing. The first time I saw you do this, I was stunned, then laughed histerically, and then dove for the camera. This is the response given every time you do this.

You are growing so fast, little one. I love you so, so much and am proud of everything you do!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

17 Months

Dear Jack B’Hat,
You’re 17 months old today. At the grocery store yesterday, the bag boy asked me how old you are and I said, “Almost 17 months old.” He wrinkled his brow, looked up at the ceiling and said, “So how old is he?” I stopped, wrinkled my brow and tried my hand at the calculation. What I figured is that I need to stop saying your age in months. You’re almost a year and a half.

Here are some things that have happened recently:

1. You’ve learned to kiss!!! I’m in love with this. I say, “Jack can I have a kiss?” and you pucker your lips, lean in and swack me wherever you land. Sometimes it’s the cheek, sometimes it’s the air near my cheek, and sometimes it’s right on my mouth! Dada says that it’s weird for me to allow you to do that, but I say, “No! It’s perfectly fine! Auntie Jen and Auntie Lisa have kissing walls in their houses with their family, so it’s not such a stretch. Besides, it’s not like we’re making out!” I don’t care what Dada says. I think it’s amazing, and sweet, and wonderful. I know that later in your life, you won’t want to kiss your Momma, so I’m savoring all the opportunities I get!
2. You can now climb up onto all of the furniture. You use the couches and ottomans to climb onto tables, and we’re pretty much doomed.
3. I’m going to tell the world that you are not a couch potato, and that you don’t watch too much TV. But perhaps I’ll have to revise my claim when I say that you know Yo Gabba Gabba so well that you recognize when DJ Lance says, “It’s almost time to go.” At those words, you throw yourself onto the floor, bury your head in your hands and yell, “Uh Oh!!!” I imagine if you could, you’d rise up, throw your fist in the air, and scream, “OH THE HUMANITY!” But sadly the words won’t come.
4. Everything is a telephone. You hold objects to your ear and say, “Wa Row?” which is you’re version of “hello?” Then you either chatter to yourself or continue with, “Wa row? Wa row? Uh oh!!” So. Flippin’ Cute.
5. You’re finally exploring in the yard! Until now, you wouldn’t venture away from the safety of the concrete into the unknown jungle of the grass. But one day, you just did it. You ran into the grass and then back and then out and then back. So now, you’re everywhere. Good luck to Momma and Dada in the airport this Christmas... (sigh) How much are those kid leashes?

All in all it’s been a wonderful month! I love you, B’Hat and am so glad to be your Momma!!
Kisses! (Because you can!),

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

16 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,
I'm 34.

I know that's a weird way to start a letter to you because depending on how old you are when you read this determines how much it matters. In my mind you're on the computer after having tucked in your own dear ones, and you're about to write a letter to them detailing the events of the month. You've come here, curious about any comparisons between who you were at their age and who they are now, and you miss me. By then, technology will have advanced so much that the computer you're on won't be recognized by my generation as a computer. It will be foreign and vague and will be the sort of thing that causes much frustration to me and stifled giggles to you.
Anyway, I suppose the reason I mention my age is because I just had a birthday two days ago. So, you are 16 moths old and I'm 34. Time goosesteps on. I keep whispering in your ear, "That's big enough, ok. Stay my little one!" That said, I know it's good that you're growing up. I remind myself that this time is the best time and that will be true of each moment your whole life.

Here are some things that have happened this month:
1. You've begun to climb. It's not ok. You hike your leg up onto whatever piece of furniture - especially the rocking chair in your room - you're standing next to. If that piece of furniture has anything to grab onto, you can hoist yourself up.The reason this is difficult is that after you get on whatever you're climbing, you stand up. Sitting, apparently, is anathema to your morals so,by golly, YOU WILL STAND. And then cry because you can't get down.

2. You like football. You yell, "Go Tech!" or really, your version is "Yeah Yeah!!" You wave your fist in the air and cheer, "Yay!" You do this when you see a football field on the TV.

3. Your Maha (or Yaya or YaPaw or whatever the heck she's called. I call her Mom.) has taught you to hold bath toys in the air and yell, "Cannonball!" and then drop them. You learned very quickly and play "Cannonball!" with everything - the bath toys, other toys, food, my cell phone etc. Of course you don't really say, "cannonball", it sounds like "Lalalaaaaa!" But we all get what you're doing. Thanks for that game, Maha.. ;)4. You've begun to chatter. A lot. You chatter all the time and sometimes sing. It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. It's particularly fun when your chatter sounds like cursing. Your dad and I look at each other and giggle, and then we renew our vows to stop cursing when it dawns on us that you might really be using words that we taught you. Shit!

5. New vocabulary word of the month: Teetee. You say this during diaper changes. To recap, you know Momma, Dada, Casey, rock, ball, and teetee. As Auntie Chrif-teen says, "You know who your parents are, the pet, a toy, and your penis. Yep. Pure boy." The other day, and this is an over share, you were patting my belly, as per the instructions of your father, and then patted lower and said, "teetee". Son, we have some things to talk about. Better yet, go ask your father.
6. I saw you jump in place on Friday. It's the first time I've seen you do that, and I think it scared you a little bit. This, especially with the knowledge that you are learning to climb, is so. freaking. scary to me. Please, may jumping scare you a little while longer, at least until I learn how to handle the climbing part. Please?
Jack, you are growing up to be such a sweet, wonderful, smart boy! I love you so much, baby. I'm glad to be your momma.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

15 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,
Today I was talking to our school librarian, Mrs. Bean, about how adorable you are. I said, "Isn't Baby Jack so freakin' cute?" (I'm humble like that.)

She said, "He's adorable and not so much a baby anymore. He's Toddler Jack by now. How old is he? A year old?"

"What? No," I said, frantically trying to calculate whether or not you are a year old. "I mean he's almost 15 months old."
And that's the problem. In my head 15 month does not equate to one year old and counting. I still very much consider you my baby. I think this is a common problem for mothers, whether their sons are 15 months old or 33 years. But yes. You are 15 months old today and you are adorable and hilarious!

Here are some things that have happened this month:
1. You stand in bowls. I know. It's weird. But that's what you do. I pretend that you're doing performance art as you carefully lift your leg over the lip of the bowl, gently place it in, then carefully do the same with the other. You stand there, in the bowl, for two to five seconds and then very gently step out again. I clap. Because, seriously. What else is there to do?
2. You used to throw horrible crying fits when you didn't get your way. Now you just scruntch up your brow, lean your head back, open your mouth and slowly fuss, "a' hat, a'hat, a'haaaaaat." It's the most pitiful thing I've ever seen. And also hilarious. My laughter makes it worse. I try not to laugh, but COME ON!
3. I'm trying not to be offended by the fact that you point at Casey cat and say "Ca-sss" - your way of saying "Casey." Then you turn to me and hit me while you say "Momma!" and then you pat Dad and say, "Momma" and then you point at the couch and say "Momma" and then at the weird alien things on Yo Gabba Gabba and say "Momma." But Casey is always Ca-sss. Dad says we should ignore you, put our butts in your face, and walk across you to get to our food. That way you might learn who we are. I'll take the more patient approach of pointing at myself and saying "Momma" over and over again. (sigh)

4. You love bike rides!! A while back Dad got me a kid's bike seat for Mother's Day. We finally installed it on his bike, and now the family can go one bike rides! You wear your Sesame Street helmet (which you are not fond of, but I insist that it must be worn) and we ride to the park where we stop and play. Then it's back on the bike to head for home.

5. All of a sudden you hate the bath. Remember all of those bath pictures where you are all smiles and giggles and splashing and playing? Those days are gone. It was sudden. One day you decided that you hate the bath and you SCREAM. I can't even get you to sit in the water. Sometimes you get so worked up that you break out into hives. For the life of me, I don't know why the sudden change. Dad and I are doing everything we know how to do to keep you calm. We both go in the bathroom with you. We try distraction/entertainment/ music/ANYTHING. I've gotten in with you. I hug you through the baths sometimes. Still, nothing works. The best we can hope for is that we move quickly enough that you don't go into hysterics. :(

6. I wasn't going to mention this, but Aunt Chrif-teen says I HAVE to just so that you'll be embarrassed when you're a teenager. You do panty raids... on my underwear drawer. It's a good thing I'm not modest because you get into my panty drawer, pull as many pairs out as you can, and then strategically place them around the house - in other drawers (the silverware one, included), in the trash cans, in toy baskets, etc. You do not do this with Dad's underwear or socks. Just mine. Dad says you're gifted.

Overall, you are a healthy, happy baby! Er. healthy, happy toddler. It has been 15 months since you got here and I am still so proud to be your Momma. I love you Jack B'Hat!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Testing Limits

This has been happening far too often lately:

Step 1: Check to see that Momma is watching.

Step 2: Wind up a very theatrical/pitiful fit.

Step3: Continue throwing the fit whilst going about your business.

Step 4: Get over the fit when you realize no one is paying attention OR when the cat distracts you for a second.

Step 5: Resume the fit at a later time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

14 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,

You are 14 months old today!! You've learned and done so much this month, some that I've already mentioned in previous posts that I'll reiterate, and some that I haven't mentioned.

I'll start with the heavy:

* First of all, and I hesitate to write this because it's sort of a downer, but important nonetheless, you had a terrible allergic reaction to peanut butter, we think. Dad and I were running errands - getting the car fixed, waiting for the car to be fixed, picking up the fixed car - and we took you to the mall in between so that we wouldn't have to drive all the way home and back. We shared ice cream and watched the ice skaters. You ran around the viewing area and made friends. We had time to play at the children's area before we left, where you ran up to a huge plastic cat and said, "Casey!" We thought we were genius parents, managing playtime and chores. You were having so much fun! All was well until the drive home. You got sick - really sick - in the car. I drove home as fast as I could, you screaming in your car seat the whole way. I managed to get you to the bathtub to get the sick off of you, and that's when I noticed the huge welts on your back and more forming on your stomach.

I've never been so afraid.

To make a long story short, we got you to an urgent care clinic where they were able to stop the reaction with an epinephrine shot. In an hour you were fine and wanted to play, like nothing had happened. We think some peanut butter in the ice cream was the culprit. I guess we'll find out another time.

And now for the light stuff:

* You love to pull pillows off of the couch and into the floor, and then dive on to them.Every time I'm worried that you'll miss, but so far the only time you've hurt yourself is when you launched yourself into the arm of the couch, probably because it looks nice and plush. It turns out it's a pretty solid surface.. But other than that, you giggle and squeal as you land on the pillows!

* You don't know what to do with cold stuff. Last month I mentioned your first push up pop. Last night you had your first Popsicle. The picture says all you need to know.

* You love your new swing! Unfortunately August is SO HOT, which is why we can only swing for 2 minutes and then we have to come inside for lemonade. But you think it's way fun. You try and tuck your legs into the swing (forming a little ball) so it doesn't tickle your tummy as much. You're adorable.

* You had your first haircut, as I've mentioned. It was no problem. You are such a friendly kid that mostly you make others feel at ease. There's something divine about that..

* You've started to spontaneously lie down in the floor - in the hallway, in the kitchen, outside.. Location doesn't matter. I don't think it's an indication of nap time or anything. I think you just like to lie down for a sec. Maybe you're re-energizing? Because seriously, kid, you're busy ALL OF THE TIME.

Summer is almost over, Jack. That means next week, you'll be back at Nanny's. I'm relieved about that because I think you have so much fun there with your friends. Here it's just been the three of us, and we already get the impression that you think we are, "like so totally lame (eye roll)". I love you, baby boy!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Jack had his first haircut today! Our friend, Cat, who also has a one year old son named Jack (and who has cut her kids' hair a million times), was excited to be Jack's first stylist. She even reminded a bewildered Momma that I... ahem.. she should take a lock of his hair. I'd say the experience was a complete success. No one cried. Not one of us! See for yourselves:

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bad Momma

I can't help it. I laugh which, I'm sure, encourages every bit of rotten behavior that he can think to do, all at once. When I laugh, not only does he smear more food into his hair like it's mousse, he's also thinking that he should bite the next kid he meets on the street, take a toy from someone smaller, and clock the cat upside the head. But look at him. First notice, apart from the defiant facial expression, the hamburger in his hair:
The other bits of food he didn't want are behind his head in his collar. He drops food behind him, I assume, to get it out of his sight. Bad Baby! And then there's his dad's response:I have no chance. Then I get, along with the angelic "Momma, I'm so hungry" stare, the sign for more:

New Swing

-an entirely too long video of squealing and rocking and gorgeous, gorgeous laughter..

Monday, August 3, 2009

More bath pics because you love them.

We've been very busy. See the flickr for more!! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

13 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,

Yesterday you were 13 months old! I didn't get this post out because, like buildings no longer have 13th floors for luck reasons (they skip from 12 to 14), I decided that your 13th month post should go up on the next day. ... Ok. Fine. You got me. I forgot what day it was. You'll find, as you get older, that Momma never knows what day it is in the summer. I get stuck in the "how many days has it been over 100!?" routine, and lose all other sense of time. So here I am at 1:00 AM writing your post. Who says I don't love you enough!?

Here's some stuff that happened this month:

* You are EVERYWHERE and you grab EVERYTHING. Plus, it turns out you are very tall compared to other babies your age which means that their parents didn't have to move everything off of the tables and counters until much later. I didn't think the house could be much more baby-proofed, but it turns out I was sorely mistaken.

* You are starting to run. (!) BUT you are still wobbly and take balance checks..very fast ones. It looks like you are in some sort of digital feed that pauses every couple of steps to stream. You don't fall as often, but you freak Momma out a lot.

* We survived an entire week by ourselves. Daddy left to go to training and we held down the fort. I was afraid to do this. Usually there is someone within calling distance, but not this time. All of my contacts were out of town, and so it was just you and me and the poison control number on the fridge. Overall, we did great and only had a few mishaps, none of which I will share here, and some of which I'm counting on your lack of long term memory to erase before you get to your therapy years. We did have lots of fun adventures!!

* The TV went out. That's not really about you, but it sort of is seeing as you were the one who liked to push every button on the console. The new TV has no buttons on the front. Coincidence? Hmmm.

* You can now put shapes into the right hole. That sounds weird. What I mean is you put the right shape (hexagon, flower, heart, etc.) into the right cut out for that shape on your toys. I am very proud!!

* Your new word for the month is "oops," though it comes out, "umph! umph!" It's in a book we read about a turkey who doesn't know how to put his clothes on. You carry the book over to me and repeat,"umph! umph UMPH!" until I read it to you. So, your vocabulary consists of the following:

dada=everything that is not momma
uh-oh= what to say just before you throw things.

Sometimes I think you're saying "Jack" when you point at yourself and say "ak," but maybe not. Also you point at the cat and make a t sound.

* You smile at everyone. This sounds like you are friendly, but I know that people are a little bit confused by the smile. It isn't a friendly one. What I mean is, from nowhere, you flash this "cheeeeese!" expression at passersby. As quickly as it comes, it goes. This leaves people confused. They continue past us thinking, "Did that baby just smile at me or did I imagine it?" or "I think he's mocking me.." or "Gremlin!"

* You've been called a she three times this week. It's time to cut your hair. Your dad is so disappointed..

I'm certain I'm leaving a ton of things out - like, for exaple, your love affair with static guard-, but for the love of God, it's now 1:30 in the morning! Despite what the date on this post may suggest, I LOVE you very much, Jack. You are a constant tap of love for me, and joy, and wonder, and all things gorgeous!!! Happy early 14th month, Baby!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


I've been trying to fill these long summer days with indoor excursions, especially since it is 106 degrees outside and Rich is on vacation*. Yesterday Jack and I went to the Aquarium in the big city and hung out with turtles, manatees, sharks, etc. The picture below pretty much sums up Jack's experience:

Really, though, we had a fun day.. At least I did.
More pictures to follow on the Flickr.

* Rich is actually "working".. if you call hanging out in a lovely town where one can go outside during the day without one's face melting off , doing something one really loves, and hanging out in Bob Dillon's apartment work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4ths of July

4th of July 1 year ago:

4th of July this year:

More pics on Flickr! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We've seriously let go.

It would appear that in the summer I'm not as strict with.. anything, actually. I used to make sure my baby son's bibs matched his outfits, his socks matched his bibs, and his burp rags matched his socks, etc. Now that none of us has a specific place to go or anything to do (which really is a type of torture to me), and now that the sun has decided that the earth's temperature should be as close to molten lava as it can get, I don't seem to care that my baby even wears a bib. Or a shirt.

Or pants.

We're lucky he's even in a diaper. Rest assured, Mom, I've already considered not making him wear one and have decided that not even my brand of lethargy is worth that mess..

There are more new pics on Flickr, every one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

12 Months

Deat Jack B'Hat,

Today you are one. Around this time one year ago, we were both adjusting to a new world: You were learning how to breathe and eat and exist here, and I was only acutely aware of the miracle that had just taken place. I had only a glimpse of the responsibility being your momma entailed. Actually, I feel like I still only have a small idea. Maybe God works with new Mommas that way - allowing them to understand, in tiny portions, the immense responsibility that is raising children . Otherwise I have a feeling that the human race might end a lot sooner than anyone intended.

But here we are, one year later. You are happy and healthy and wonderful! Here are some of the things that happened this month:

* Shoes are a problem. You've been a hippie baby for 11 months and because your Uncle Putz and Aunt Shugs are getting married, your Yaya (new name for PawPaw) decreed that you must wear shoes at the airport (at least) and probably at the wedding with the sailor suit she got for you. I think she really wanted you to wear those white baby shoes that have been around for ages. I voted for sandals. In the end, you have some navy Cons - a compromise, I think. Even if they don't match exactly, I think they have a big enough coolness factor that it doesn't matter. I did get you some airport sandals, but you HATE them. You would rather crawl. And that's how you foiled our plans to keep you germ free at the airport..

* You would rather study things than play with them. Paranoid Momma is constantly worried about autism - What are the signs? Does wanting to study toys rather than play with them mean that something is wrong? Everything is amazing to you. I suppose I should worry more if it wasn't. But I can already see you playing with Rubiks Cubes and tinkering with broken AV equipment. I love that you're curious!

* "Uh-Oh". Daddy thinks this is your first word. I still think it's "Momma." Anyway, as is typical of babies, you say "uh-oh" a lot. You mostly say it right before you throw something on the floor. Daddy keeps telling you that when you throw something on the floor on purpose you're supposed to say "Damn it!" But I appreciate the warning. Sometimes I can even catch what you're throwing. "Uh-oh" also lets me know when you are finished eating, seeing as you say it right before you start throwing the food you don't want to eat.

* Your hair is nuts. Seriously, kid. Where did you get such nuts hair? It sticks out everywhere, in all directions. It's like whack-a-mole. If I smooth down one cowlick, another one pops up on the other side of your head. I honestly don't get it. Is your DNA coded with a cowlick chromosomes? Dude! People (read 'strangers') love to point out your crazy hair. Mostly we hear comments like, "Look at his hair!" and "His hair is sticking up! That's hilar... er, cute."

* You took your first airplane ride. I don't really want to preserve that memory other than to say that it didn't go well. Everything was OK until we got into the air. Maybe you were feeding off of my anxiety. Maybe you were tired or bored. Still, the folks around us wished they had brought earplugs. I know we aren't ever supposed to drug babies, but we bought some Baby Benadryl yesterday. Even if we don't use it, keeping the medicine close makes us able to endure the idea of the plane ride home. Maybe we'll just pass it around to the other passengers or slip it into the flight attendant's beverage cart. Then they can sleep while you scream.. (sigh)

* You have four teeth. All of them are on the bottom. You are the cutest piranha I've ever seen.

* You've learned to communicate when you are hungry. You point to yourself and say "Ack" which I think is "Jack", and then you give the sign for milk. You think the milk sign means "eat". But I get what you're saying, which is the point.

* You smile at everyone which means you melt a lot of hearts everywhere you go. Yesterday you made friends with two airline pilots at the airport. They even let you wear their hats!

There is so much more that I'm forgetting. We're still in Georgia at the moment, and I'm a bit distracted my the goings on. But you are so much a part of this family. Going on a trip together solidifies it. I think it's because your Daddy and I love to travel and this is the first trip - hotel room, airplane ride, etc. - that we've taken together. You better get used to it, kid..

I love you more than oxygen, Baby Boy!

Happy Birthday!!!

Jack is one TODAY!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jack's First Birthday..Party

We have a lot going on these days, including celebrating Jack's first birthday! Since we'll be in Atlanta for Dutch and Sarah's wedding (hooray!) on the actual day, we had a small, impromptu birthday party for Jack a couple of weeks ago. Jack's Auntie Christine and Uncle J spent the day with us, and we played, sang happy birthday, and enjoyed Jack's first birthday cake.
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I'll still post a birthday letter for Jack B'hat, and there are sure to be more birthday festivities in Atlanta!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

11 Months

Dear Jack B'Hat,

You are 11 months old today! Unfortunately your going to get a shorter letter today because Momma's under the weather and is crazy tired. I'll keep it brief. Here's the stuff that happened this month:

1. You are almost walking completely by yourself. When you feel especially daring, you walk across the living room from the footstool to the couch! Several times you fall over and bonk which makes you stick out your bottom lip so far that I think "No wonder you tripped! With a lip stickin' out that far,who wouldn't?" You do not find this quip amusing in any way, form, or fashion and you proceed to wail uncontrollably until you are distracted by something shiny or a piece of cheese.

2. You no longer want your baby oatmeal. You're a toddler now, and toddlers don't eat food with the word 'baby' in front of it. You spat at the spoon if oatmeal is on it, and only want finger foods and sometimes squash. You used to eat everything, and now you only want Cheerios, veggie sticks, and berry melts. Daddy keeps telling me not to worry, that you're getting your nutrients through the formula, but telling me not to worry is like telling a flower not to wilt. It just happens.

3. All of your teeth are surfacing at once. At least it feels that way. You are getting four more right this very second. That might also be why you are picky about what you eat.

4. You've learned how to open cabinets. We installed safety locks on the doors that shut out the poisons, but the Christmas dishes are still fair game to you. There is a lot of us running to you when we hear a door open, and you crying because you're not allowed to open the door and you think we are the meanest, suckiest parents ever.

5. You ate cat food yesterday.. on Mother's Day. What a wonderful mother I am to allow you to wander off unchaperoned. When I noticed it was way too quiet, I found you shoving cat food pellets into your mouth. I dug them out and carried you to Daddy. I figured it wasn't my finest mothering moment and so it was his turn. I was glad I had a cold so that I couldn't smell the cat food on you. Casey is very tolerant.

That's about all I'm good for, today, Jack. You are growing SO fast!! You are the light of my life and I love you so much it aches! Happy 11th month, baby boy!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

In case you've been wondering what we're up to..

We've been playing ball. We've been watching Little Bill.
We've been reading books.
We've been playing with Casey.
We've been taking baths in the big bathtub.
We've been hanging out with Auntie Christine.
And we've been happy, happy, happy!

(more pictures on the Flickr badge)