Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dear Jack B'Hat,
I can hardly believe I'm saying this but... Today you are three! THREE!!!
Everyone is in town to celebrate. Yaya is here and so are Grammy and Grand Schmob. We have a big boy party planned at Chuck E. Cheese complete with monster cake, pizza, party favors and rides! (Pictures to follow.)
When Yaya arrived she asked me if I felt better today than I did three years ago. I paused to understand what she meant when - oh yeah - I was in labor. So, yes. The answer is yes. I am much more comfortable, both as your momma and as a person.
Things are definitely crazy right now. The house is in boxes. We aren't sure when we'll move to England or where we'll live when we get there. We don't know what exactly we'll do when we get there. What we do know is we're chalking it up to having an adventure. We know that because we love each other - your Dada, you and me - that we'll be fine. Better than fine, actually. We'll be fantastic.
So happy birthday, my sweet three year old! Your life is on a path to brilliance. You're incredibly smart, curious, well spoken, and sweet. Nothing but good things are coming. I love you baby (ahem) little boy!!