Saturday, October 29, 2011

I show you "After School Special"

The other day I was trying to get Jack to brush his teeth and had been begging him to head towards the bathroom. We made it nearly there when Jack sat down on the stairs, his back to me.

I said, exasperated by this point, "Jack, it's time to brush your teeth!"

He folded his hands in his lap and dropped his head. He said in his most feeble, sincere voice, "I know Momma.. but.. I just don't understand."

Really? Where could he have possibly learned that drama!!?? ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Jack B'Hat,
You finally live in Eng-wend!! After months and months of talking about it, and pretending to ride on the big airplane, we did it! I have to say, the last month has been one of the most difficult in my life. The move wasn't necessarily the hard part. That was all paperwork and organization. The part that was hard was leaving people we love and trust and who love us back.

Of course I'm talking about grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and friends. But also, there was Ms. Laura. How in the big wide world were we ever going to find another Ms. Laura? As your Momma, I knew it wasn't really possible. I settled into the idea that we would just have to "settle" and that maybe in this transition to pre-pre-school, you wouldn't notice that any major change had been made. But that was a ludicrous idea! Not so much for you. You're very flexible at the moment. It was more about my meltdown, and how no one was going to be good enough.. UNTIL we met Jackie.\

Jack, you are one lucky kid to have such amazing people in your life. Jackie, a very British, free spirited lady has just taken to you like a bee to flowers. She calls you her Mensa boy and goes on about how smart you are, "and the puzzles! he loves his puzzles, doesn't he?" She's taught you about scaffolding for roof repair, where water goes when it goes down the drain, and that you shouldn't touch anyone else's poo, particularly Baby Bode's. The reason I know these things is because you tell me all about them.

In fact, sometimes I worry that you get so upset when it's time to come home. You love being at Jackie's and next week, all of the other kids come, too! Your school is called "Little Mac Nursery" and there are 8 kids coming from 6 different nationalities. It's basically an international pre-school that is literally around the corner from our house. We walk every morning to get there. LOVELY!

Overall, you are adapting nicely. We've taken a couple of small road trips - Bath, for example and last week end we went to Windsor. In any case, your favorite parts are most definitely the playgrounds (as it should be), and you are a healthy, happy kid!
Love you, Jack B'hat!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dear Jack B'Hat,
I can hardly believe I'm saying this but... Today you are three! THREE!!!
Everyone is in town to celebrate. Yaya is here and so are Grammy and Grand Schmob. We have a big boy party planned at Chuck E. Cheese complete with monster cake, pizza, party favors and rides! (Pictures to follow.)
When Yaya arrived she asked me if I felt better today than I did three years ago. I paused to understand what she meant when - oh yeah - I was in labor. So, yes. The answer is yes. I am much more comfortable, both as your momma and as a person.
Things are definitely crazy right now. The house is in boxes. We aren't sure when we'll move to England or where we'll live when we get there. We don't know what exactly we'll do when we get there. What we do know is we're chalking it up to having an adventure. We know that because we love each other - your Dada, you and me - that we'll be fine. Better than fine, actually. We'll be fantastic.
So happy birthday, my sweet three year old! Your life is on a path to brilliance. You're incredibly smart, curious, well spoken, and sweet. Nothing but good things are coming. I love you baby (ahem) little boy!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Toddler Joke

Momma: Dada, Jack can get to the choc-o-lick (Jack's word for Chocolate).
Dada: Do we need to move the choc-o-lick?
Jack: I already move the choc-o-lick.
Momma: Where did you move it, Jack?
Jack: I move the choc-o-lick into my mouth.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Experiences

It's been a big month Jack!
You went on your first protest march in Austin (which you didn't like at first).

(see more pictures here)

You sat around your first campfire and had up close and personal conversations with cows!

(see more pictures here)


Monday, February 28, 2011

We've created a monster.. er. ahem.. toddler. We've created a toddler!

Is it bad that my favorite part of this video happens just after he runs around the couch? And the "You stop it!" bit.. Where does he get that? I am proud to say that he only reserves hitting for technology (when Momma's not looking) and not people. Note that even when he strikes the computer, he looks to see if I've noticed.. (sigh).